Multi-year winner “Top Dental Practice”—5280 Magazine

We offer dental expertise with a mother’s insight. Our doctors foster a warm and nurturing environment that focuses on holistic care in a no-pressure practice. It’s not just about teeth. We focus on your family’s well being.


Our little patients come with unique needs and personalities. We invest in building relationships to optimize individual care.


We collaborate with you to understand your family values and make sure you’re getting what you need from your dentist.


Kids leave our practice with healthy teeth and laughing smiles. Parents leave knowing their child had exceptional treatment without the stress.

“It was my child’s first dental appointment and they were so great and kept him comfortable and calm.”

– Cara D.

Mom Pro Tips For A First Dental Visit

Kids sync with our energy. Stay relaxed and positive about their trip to the dentist, and they’ll follow your lead. We’ve got a few tips to set your child up for a great experience. You’ve got this.



Share with your child that the dentist keeps our teeth and mouths healthy. Avoid scary-sounding words like drill, hurt, or needle.



Read with your child a picture book about a dentist visit or watch a kid-friendly YouTube video showing what happens.



Bust out the stuffies and play pretend dentist. Maybe your child gets to comfort a particularly nervous doll.

Breathe easy knowing what to expect

We’re pediatric specialists, which means we see kids from their first baby tooth clear until they’re going off to college. We love working with this population and center our practice on children’s needs, creating a calming, enjoyable, and effective visit—for them and for you.
Friend, we’ve seen it all. We understand parents who’ve had to hog-wrestle their kid to pass a toothbrush through their mouth. We’re experts at working with kids of all personality types. No judgment. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tricks up our mama sleeves.
Absolutely. Ideally every dental practice would be trained to work with children, but it’s true that some kids do have crummy dentist visits. We’re not worried. We’ll take it slow, work on building a relationship of trust, and help your child reframe their feelings about the dentist.