Dr. Black knows kids’ mouths.

As a pediatric orthodontist, Dr. Black specializes in working with kids of all ages, personalities, and orthodontic needs. You can expect the same gentle and nurturing environment that you’ve come to love with our dentists.

Having orthodontics and dentistry under one roof makes it a breeze to monitor a child’s orthodontic health from a very young age. Early diagnosis and intervention of a child’s orthodontic issues means Dr. Black can focus more on guiding development rather than retroactively correcting problems. That means less invasive treatment (happy kids!) and more cost-efficient care (happy parents!).

Dr. Black can recognize crowded or improperly spaced teeth and malocclusions (bad bites) in children as young as 2–3. Often, early steps can be taken to reduce the need for major orthodontic treatment at a later age.

Stages of orthodontic care