Comprehensive Orthodontic Care for Kids

Ridgeview now offers complete orthodontic care in the same gentle, kid-friendly office. Total oral care has never been easier.

A pediatric orthodontic specialist, Dr. Black monitors your child’s orthodontic health from a very young age. We believe in guiding and intervening early to reduce major orthodontic treatment later.

Dr. Black recognizes unhealthy bites and improperly spaced teeth in children as young as 2. Don’t worry, we’re not throwing braces on these littles, but we can address underdeveloped arches, premature loss of baby teeth, and issues caused by thumb or pacifier sucking.

As children mature, we’ll guide their jaw alignment and bite development. When they’re early teenagers, we steer their teeth to their final straight and gorgeous positions.

Orthodontic Services


Braces, a classic solution for an impactful smile. We use the Victory series brackets that have a lower profile than traditional brackets. They’re much more comfortable for kids.

Clear Aligners

Some kids, particularly teenagers, prefer a more discreet teeth-straightening solution. We offer clear aligners: slim, smooth, and nearly invisible to others. Plus, kids can remove them to eat and brush.

Healthy bites

Orthodontics is about much more than straight teeth (although that’s a pretty great benefit). We make sure teeth are aligned and meet properly to prevent unnecessary wear on the enamel.

Digital imaging

Gone are the days of messy putty impressions for making dental appliances. Kids can’t cope with that archaic process, so we capture all our images digitally. Fast and easy.

Simplify family life with dentistry & orthodontics under one roof


Comprehensive pediatric oral care in one place. Have one child at the dentist and one at the orthodontist at the same time. One call, one drive, outstanding care.


Dentistry and orthodontics combined in one practice creates efficient appointments, easy information sharing, and simple communication for parents, all while eliminating redundancies in oral care.


Because the doctors work together, you have more than one set of expert eyes on your child’s oral health. Working together generates more successful and easier treatment for kids.

Outcome oriented

We believe coordinating dental and orthodontic care in one practice improves outcomes for children. We know our simplified system will provide first-rate care while supporting your family’s overall well being.

Here to answer all your questions

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Orthodontic care straightens teeth, but planning for straight teeth is only the tip of the iceberg when assessing a child’s orthodontic health. Early interceptive treatment addresses alignment of the jaw, facial irregularities, and breathing pathways. Having an aligned jaw with straight teeth that fit together properly makes it much easier for your child to talk and eat. Corrected teeth are much easier to keep clean and develop much less wear and tear. A beautiful smile boosts children’s confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Dr. Black will determine the right duration of treatment for your child because each person’s mouth responds differently to treatment. A standard treatment typically takes about 22 months.

Do they ever! In fact, it’s even more important that they get their cleanings because orthodontic treatment can make oral hygiene trickier. Bits of food caught where your toothbrush can’t reach cause bacteria to build up, leading to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. At Ridgeview, doing both is a piece of cake because you can go from the orthodontist’s chair to the dentist’s chair in one visit!

Right after your child gets braces or after routine adjustments, their mouth will feel sensitive and they’ll probably want to eat soft foods for a few days. Be a hero and throw in some soft-serve ice cream with dinner. After a short while, your child can resume eating normally with a few exceptions.

Have your child pass on popcorn and crunchy snacks like pretzels, chips, nuts, and crunchy veggies. They shouldn’t eat chewy and gummy candy, chewing gum, hard candy, or ice. These types of foods can get stuck in braces, damage the brackets or archwires, or pull a bracket off the tooth.