The First Step Towards Your Child’s Perfect Smile - A Complimentary Consultation

Your first visit is an important step in your child’s orthodontic journey. You and your child get to know our friendly team, learn about orthodontics, and your child has a comprehensive initial examination.

During the examination, Dr. Margeaux Black identifies any orthodontic issues that need to be addressed and discusses the ideal treatment options for your child’s specific needs.

We hope you ask all your questions and express any concerns that come to your mind. We value open communication because we want you to make an informed decision about any treatment you pursue for your child. You don’t have to make a decision on the spot. Take all the time you need to digest the information and give us a call if you have new questions. We’re ready when you’re ready.

Consultation Quick View

What to expect when your child comes in to see Dr. Margeaux Black.

Medical Review

We review your child’s dental and medical history to understand their health background. When your child is our dental patient, there’s zero hassle sharing records.

Oral examination

The comprehensive examination, which may include digital scans, helps Dr. Black determine how to help your child develop a healthy bite and stunning smile.

Treatment plan

We develop a personalized treatment plan that makes sense for your child and family.

Financial dialogue

We discuss financing orthodontic care, a worthwhile investment in your child’s lifelong health. We’ll talk about insurance options and tailored payment schedules.

Fast facts for your first ortho visit

Get the gist of the orthodontic consult. Not seeing what you need? Give us a call!
Consultations typically last about 45 minutes to an hour. After the exam, your child can play while we talk.

Nope. Our orthodontic consultations are completely free, including any photos and X-rays.

Yes! Just give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. If our schedule permits, we try to see family members back-to-back. The simpler for parents, the better.
Certainly. The treatment’s total cost is determined by your child’s orthodontic needs. We’re dedicated to designing a payment plan that works for your family and budget. At the end of your child’s consultation, you’ll chat with our treatment coordinator about costs and payment plans.
Yes, that’s completely normal. Your child’s optimal outcome is our priority. We hope that after you see Dr. Black, you’ll have all your questions answered and feel confident in making the best decision for you and your family.
You don’t. However, the convenient thing is that you could schedule a free consultation after a regular dental appointment.