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How do I make my child’s diet safe for his teeth?

Make sure your child has a balanced diet, including one serving each of: fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals, milk and dairy products, and meat fish and eggs. Limiting the servings of sugars and starches will also aid in protecting your child’s teeth from decay. We also recommend that you limit sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juice as they have been shown to cause an increase in cavities in young children.  Your child should have three main meals, and typically no more than two snacks per day.  The best snack options for your child are fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and yogurt.  We can help you develop a healthy and tooth friendly diet for your child based on their individual needs.

X-rays: How safe are dental X-rays?

There is very little risk in dental X-rays. At Ridgeview Pediatric Dentistry, we also provide digital x-rays which further limit the amount of radiation that your child is exposed to.  To provide high quality and safe care to your child, we follow the current guidelines for x-rays to limit the amount of radiation your child receives.  We also utilize lead aprons and thyroid collars to ensure safety and further minimize the amount of radiation. 

Thank you!

Thank you Dr.Mudd, Linda, Sam and Toni. You are by far the best dentist I have ever brought my kids too. You all are the kindess most caring ppl I have ever had the chance to meet. Thank you all for your wonderful help.

Can’t wait to go back!

We love you guys! My boys are sad- they think that July is way too far away, they want to go back TODAY!

Highlight of the week!

Dr. Mudd – Tyler (and Owen) loved coming to see you last week. You know you’re doing something right when the highlight of the week was visiting the dentist. Cara, I was so impressed. Thank you for spending time with the boys and being so fun. You were born to be a pediatric dentist! Loved seeing you in action.

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely amazing!! I will highly recommend Ridgeview Pediatric Dentistry to anyone that asks.

Flouride: How do I know if my child is getting enough fluoride?

We can help evaluate the fluoride level of your child’s primary source of drinking water. If your child is not getting enough fluoride internally through water (especially if the fluoride level is deficient or if your child drinks bottled water without fluoride), then we can discuss other options to ensure that your child receives just the right amount of fluoride to help prevent cavities.